2007 Adams Media
$14.95 (CAN $17.95)
trade paperback

Foreword by Joseph Grenny, coauthor of the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller, CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS.

The marriage may have ended,
But fatherhood never does.

Single dads often feel they're entering a strange new world. This comprehensive guide can make little tricks of parenting feel like second nature. In THE COMPLETE SINGLE FATHER, authors Elaine Fantle Shimberg (author of more than 20 books) and her son, Michael (a single dad) offer advice on:

*Making the single dad's house or apartment a home
*Remaining consistent while juggling each new day
*Finding qualified child care facilities
*Listening to your kids
*Adjusting to being a widower
*Raising daughters (they're different than sons)
*Cooking what kids will eat
*Dating again

The authors includes "Tips from the Trenches," advice from more than 50 single dads on what works and doesn't--as well as material from lawyers, marriage counselors, financial advisors, psychologists, teachers, and clergy.

Whether you're a single dad because of divorce, being widowed, never married, or wife is stationed overseas, you've never alone when you have THE COMPLETE SINGLE FATHER



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