1990 Ballantine
ISBN 0-345-36209-8
Paperback $4.95 (CAN $6.50)

Here is a realistic and hopeful guide that offers the support you need NOW!

When someone you love survives a stroke, you may feel overwhelmed with worry about your family member’s future and confused by all the medical information you need to absorb quickly. Acclaimed medical writer Elaine Fantle Shimberg, whose parents both survived strokes, can help you and your family understand how to act quickly and effectively to access the best treatment possible.Shimberg has interviewed over one hundred patients and their families; speech, occupational, and physical therapists; physicians; nurses; and psychologists to offer a thoughtful and loving guide to every step of a stroke patient’s care. You will learn:

  • Who in your family might be stroke-prone
  • Emergency room procedures and tests
  • What your role in the hospital should be
  • How to ease the patient’s transition out of the hospital and back into the home
  • When to turn to a nursing home for help and how to select one
  • How you can help in the rehabilitation process
  • How to cope with stroke-related stress, depression, and communication problems
  • A complete diet and exercise program for stroke survivors
  • What caregivers need to know…And much, much more.

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